Accommodation offers you a choice of modern and comfortable residence accommodation in the centre of Bournemouth or, if you prefer 100% English immersion, you can stay with one of our carefully selected host families.

Home Stay Accommodation

Hosts are carefully selected and closely monitored to ensure high standards are maintained.

As an adult you have the option of choosing between standard and executive hosts.

Executive hosts have the added benefits of a large en-suite room, WiFi access, TV and a glass of wine in the evening.

Students can choose between single or twin rooms. Breakfast and evening meals are provided Monday to Friday.

Breakfast, a light lunch and an evening meal are provided on Saturday and Sunday.

Students on the Junior Programs have 3 meals a day and will always be accommodated in twin rooms. There will be a maximum of 4 students in the homestay house.

Residence accommodation

Residential accommodation is available nearby, please contact us for details.

Rooms have an en-suite, WiFi, TV, heating and telephone. Breakfast and dinner are included on request.