Junior Courses

Full immersion is the best way to learn a new language. Study English in England, surround yourself with English people and their culture and most importantly of all – have fun while you learn!

Our well organised language courses consist of lessons in a language school, an interesting excursion program, and fun events as well as accommodation in carefully selected private homes.

The excursion packages are designed to give you a deeper understanding of English culture and history through sightseeing and activities. Shopping and fun also play a big part in our excursions. The sports and evening events such as beach volleyball, karaoke and going out on the Cavendish Speed Boat are some of the many fun additions to the excursions and are a great way for your group to have fun and relax during the holidays.

The language classes are held by qualified language teachers and offer a good opportunity to deepen students language skills. Each student will certainly get to know new words or new grammatical subtleties in addition to the improvement of communication skills. The lessons at Cavendish aren’t the same as learning at home, emphasis is on practical skills and the class sizes are smaller than at home. Also, the teaching methods at Cavendish School of English are focused on the fun of learning. For example, games are a great way to encourage students when speaking in a foreign language.

The main learning objectives are: Development and expansion of communication skills, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension.

In addition: Consolidation of grammar with the help of written exercises. The division into classes has usually already been done prior to visit but may also happen when you arrive by means of an approved placement test. The allocation is made solely on the basis of the result, regardless of age. A change to another level can of course be done on site at any time.

Facilities at Cavendish School of English in Bournemouth

  • 30 classrooms – most equipped with interactive whiteboards
  • IT room just for junior students with free access to Internet
  • Free Wi-Fi for the entire campus
  • Latest in-house multimedia facilities
  • Events venue for cinema/nightclub/disco/karaoke/party nights
  • Large, modern and beautiful conservatory with leather chairs and sofas
  • Vending machines are available for snacks and drinks
  • Daily home cooked barbecue in the summer
  • All public areas are fully air-conditioned
  • Landscaped gardens with palm trees, decked terraces and plenty of seating
  • Little London! This little taste of London is based in our gardens for all our students to enjoy. Cavendish students can find famous icons from London and the United Kingdom including the red phone box which is part of Britain’s National Heritage and a red London bus which has been converted into a café downstairs and has video screens and music equipment upstairs
  • The Little London catering trailer provides a variety of hot meals all year round

Junior Courses overview


Age range

Course length




Junior Summer Camps


1 to 10 weeks

20 per week*

Homestay / Residence

Activities per 2 week stay: 9 excursions (3 full-day + 6 half day), 10 day/evening activities (sport & fun)

Intensive Summer Course


2 weeks

55 per stay*

Homestay / Residence

Activities per 2 week stay: 8 excursions (2 full-day + 6 half day), 10 day/evening activities (sport & fun)

Football Camps


2 weeks

20 per week*


Activities per 2 week stay: 6 excursions (2 full-day + 4 half day), 7 training sessions + 1 tournament, 8 day/evening activities

Portsmouth Summer Camps


1 to 9 weeks

20 per week*

Portsmouth University

Activities per week: 3 excursions per week (1 full-day + 2 half day), 8 day/evening activities (sport & fun)

Adventure Language Camp


2 weeks

19 per week*

English cottage

Activities per 2 week stay: 5 excursions (1 full-day + 4 half day), 11 daytime adventure activities, 10 evening activities

* 1 lesson is 40 minutes. Maximum class size is 15 students (Can be 16 in very rare circumstances).